Being Positively Positive

Choose Positive

As educational leaders we spend hours doing our best to develop positive cultures in our classrooms, hallways, playgrounds and throughout the larger school community.  Some days we may feel like we are spinning our wheels and that no matter what we do, the power of negativity brings us down.  What can we do when we feel the negativity creeping into our jobs?  We can choose to be positively positive.

Make the decision to be positive, every day and in every way.  What we say and do has an impact on those around us and being positive feels great.  “If you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your path.” Buddha

As leaders, we are always “on”.  Every minute of everyday, we have little people looking to us for a smile, a high-five or a kind word, and it is our job to provide these things.  As leaders, we are also guiding, encouraging and empowering the adults around us to be the best they can be for all children…what better way to model this is by being positively positive.

How To Be Positively Positive?

1.  Be optimistic as you make your way to work.  Remember that being positive everyday is a journey…and not a destination.

2.  Smile and high-five each child you meet today, tomorrow and everyday.  This will not only brighten your day, it will brighten their day, too!

3.  Remember, you are in charge of how you feel and how you feel and act affects those around you.  Spreading positives will change the culture of your school…watch and see what happens!

4.  Write a note, send a compliment or say something positive to a colleague or member of your crew.  Your kind words and supportive actions may be just what was needed at that moment!

5.  Help children to see the “I Can” in their work, day and mindset.  Show children that being positive can change their lives.  Be Positively Positive!


Source: Michelle Schroeder-Gardner



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