I Have Shoes, I Can Run #RunLAP

On this day last year I was in the hospital recovering from surgery. Up to that point I had a 74 straight day record of walking or cycling to get back into shape.  I was pretty proud of myself as I was still experiencing many symptoms as a result of the concussion I had sustained from a fall at work.  I was also disappointed that my record would be broken as I had to have a recovery time from the surgery.  Fast forward a year later and 1KM may not sound like a long distance but for a first run in more than two years, it is a start.  It is one run done.  One goal started.  One day of many days ahead.  One day to a better me.

I just finished reading Run Like a Pirate written by the talented Adam Welcome.  To say that his book is motivational is an understatement.  His message push yourself to get more out of life rings loud and clear throughout the book.  If you haven’t read the book, you should!  Adam’s message: you CAN achieve your goals is told through the story of him running twelve marathons in twelve months.  Adam shares his mindset to dig deep and to accomplish those big dreams.

I had company on my first run.  My husband, Steve, runs the opposite way to me on the 1.1KM route that we take around our neighbourhood.  We always say something to one another at the halfway point as we run by each other.  Tonight he said “How are you feeling?”  I just breathed and ran past him.  He had the pleasure of taking our Labradoodle, Murphy, on her first run, too.  I had the pleasure of carrying my cycling flashlight as it gets dark early in August on Southern Vancouver Island.

As I was nearing the end of my run I was thinking about Adam’s book and his motto to smile.  I was just beginning to fall into the rhythm of my breathing and consciously smiled to see if it made a difference…I chuckled to myself, too.  As we walked back to the house on our cool down, I was thinking that I should blog about my first run and the influence Adam’s book has had on my thinking these last few days.  Near the end of his book there are Running Tips From Adam and Friends.  The big take away from the book for me would have to be…

Focus on the big picture rather than the endless details of equipment.
If you have shoes, you can run.
The little stuff is just the little stuff and can weigh you down.

For me this is a metaphor for life.  I have shoes, and I can run.  I continue to learn to focus on the big picture.  I am learning how to do that everyday and am working on the little stuff that does weigh me down.  Thank goodness the only thing weighing me down tonight was my cycling flashlight!  Thanks Adam, your advice is sound.  Happy Trails!!


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